Clean Up 419

Clean Up 419

Toledo is home to some of the most unique environments on Earth, despite this, some people do not care about
the natural wonders around us. Our mission is to provide people and wildlife in our community with a safe, clean, enjoyable, environment
by cleaning up trash in the Greater Toledo Area.

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What We Believe

Clean Up 419 is committed to change in our community.
We have three basic tenets that drive our mission.


Service is one of the most important aspects of our organization. We believe that serving our community is not a choice but a obligation. As able bodied students it is our duty to improve our community for the people living in it now and in the future. The local governments in our area do not have enough resources to properly keep the area clean of trash. That is why we do what we do. We have decided to take charge and serve our community.


We practice servant leadership everyday. Being a servant leader is different from other leadership styles in that we focus on making a positive example and fostering good relationships with our volunteers and community. One of our main goals is to inspire others to help clean the planet we live on. Without servant leadership this would not be possible.


Our non-profit centers around environmentalism. There is no debating how important it is to have a clean environment. Currently, micro platics and other polutants litter our community and harm ourselves and wildlife. Our goal is to lessen the effect of these pollutants on our health. This will improve the livelihood of humans and wildlife in the Greater Toledo Area.

Clean Up 419 In Action

We clean up areas across the Greater Toledo Area.


We are dedicated young students who are keen on helping the enviroment.

Alex Eichner

I'm Alex Eichner and I am the CTO (Chief Technical Officer) of Clean Up 419. I made this website and of course help dispose of trash in our beautiful community. Outside of Clean Up 419 I play Hockey and Lacrosse for Sylvania Southview High School. I hold many leadership positions besides my role at Clean Up 419 including my captaincy of the lacrosse team and position as treasurer for the class of 2023. I hope to use our platform to inspire others to take a proactive approach to environmentalism in their community.

Connor Radkov

My name is Connor Radkov and I am CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of Clean Up 419. I am in charge of finding important environmental topics to discuss at both a regional and national level. Additionally, I am in charge of handling all of the finances associated with our charity. Outside of school, I run my own vending machine business and am a proud member of the National Honors Society at Sylvania Southview High School. I am also a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success through the University of Toledo. I look forward to spreading important ideas about environmentalism to all of our readers!

Ben Graalman

My name is Ben Graalman, Chief Marketing Director (CMD) of Clean Up 419. My role helps oversee community awareness through various social media outlets and recruiting community members to get involved with the mission of Clean Up 419. Clean Up 419 is important to me because I believe through our efforts, we are building a sustainable community and cleaner environment for our neighbors and wildlife. Outside of Clean Up 419, I have been creating music for the last 4 years and also participate in boxing. I’m on my school’s varsity lacrosse team as a defense player and I am also a representative in the Class of 2023 student government. I look forward to helping others get involved in real, sustainable change in our community!

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