Clean Up 419

About Us

We are Clean Up 419

Clean Up 419 was founded by three friends. Alex Eichner, Ben Graalman and Connor Radkov, who were one day driving together and noticed the amount of garbage on the side of the road. Each time they drove by this area, they saw that the garbage was piling up higher and higher. They realized it was only getting worse, and change needed to happen. They decided to research this on their own, and together they learned that poorly disposed trash has a negative affect on the environment, wildlife, and the community as a whole. They discussed ways they could help make a difference in this area, and decided to put what they learned into action. The three friends purchased large garbage bags and safety gear and decided to “Clean Up 419.” On their first day, they filled up 3 large bags of garbage found on the side of the road and even found themselves enjoying the process! The following week, after sharing their experience with friends, more volunteers showed up and together they collected 4 bags of garbage. By the third week, 10 volunteers were gathered together to help clean up the 419! This is now a weekly event where they hope their efforts will make the earth a healthier place for both the community and wildlife. They hope to inspire others to think more about disposing waste properly and spread the message of building a sustainable environment for all.